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Warrantywise are one of the most popular names in Appliance Insurance. Find out why with our impartial review, and roundup of real customer testimonials.

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Warrantywise Appliance Cover
  • Extended warranty and cover designed by Anthea Turner
  • 'Fix or Replace' policy with cover provided from day 1
Monthly Cost
from £12.99
Maximum Appliance Value
Claim Limit
£5,000 per claim
No excess at the time of repair. Policies cover parts, labour and call-out charges. Maximum appliance age 10 years, all makes and models covered.

About Warrantywise Appliance Cover

Warrantywise are a private family firm who initially specialised in car warranties since their formation in 2000. They have recently delved into the home appliance insurance market. Anthea Turner has helped the company design their Home Appliance Warranty scheme, writing and refining it to offer comprehensive cover which offers real value to customers.

Based in Clayton-Le-Moors, Lancashire, they take a proactive approach to getting your white goods back up and running, ensuring you aren’t left in the dark for long.

What Do Warrantywise Appliance Policies Cover?

Warrantywise Appliance cover can include all kitchen appliances, from fridges and range cookers to toasters and kettles. Cover for all makes and models is offered. They do not currently deliver protection for boilers, gadgets or audio-visual electronics.

They are responsible for the full repair of any breakdowns from the moment your appliance stops working to the minute it starts again. The provider meets the cost of any parts, labour and callout fees of all approved cases, up to any specified limits detailed in your plan certificate. So, when your appliance suffers from mechanical or electrical failure and stops working efficiently, any necessary repairs will be covered.

It’s important to note that Warrantywise do not offer insurance – this is an extended warranty product which differs slightly from insurance in nature. It isn’t covered or regulated by the FCA or FSCS. This means they aren’t bound by the same rules as insurance companies and the same level of protection may not be available. As with all warranty or insurance products, you should read any terms before taking out a policy.

Your home appliance may be subject to an engineer service check before being accepted on to your chosen plan, at the provider’s discretion.

What are People Saying about Warrantywise?

Across major independent review sites, verified customers rate the service as Great. Warrantywise have been awarded ‘Trusted Merchant’ status by Feefo, and have excellent reviews on Trustpilot. Customers give the following reasons for their satisfaction:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Smooth claims process
  • Good value plans
  • Affordable

What Do Warrantywise Offer?

  • Multi-appliance cover. You can include 3, 5, 7, 9 or 12 appliances on one single plan. This gives you the freedom to protect as many of your kitchen appliances as you wish.
  • Personalised claims limit. i.e. the maximum amount your plan will pay out to your repairer should you make a valid claim. This can be £250, £500, £750, £1000 or unlimited, so no matter how much your products are worth or would cost to repair, you can cater your cover to suit. You would have to pay any necessary costs beyond the limit.
  • Pay monthly or annually. You can choose to pay-as-you-go via monthly instalments or pay a one-off bill to cover the full 12 months.
  • Increased care option. You can contact Warrantywise to increase the level of your care if you obtain more appliances or decide you’d like your cover amount to increase. These changes will only come into effect after 30 days, however.
  • No callout limits. There is no limit to the number of claims or repairs that can be made during the period of your plan. There is also no obligatory excess to pay.
  • No betterment policy. This refers to conditions where, if your replacement part is deemed to improve the health and value of your item significantly, insurance companies can charge you extra. This is a particularly common issue if your model is no longer manufactured and more modern parts have to be fitted. Warrantywise will not charge for this.

What isn’t covered?

  • Delivery, installation or removal charges. If your appliance requires full replacement, only the cost of this up to your plan limit will be covered. Anything extra will have to be paid for at your own expense.
  • Changes to your plan while it is under effect. You cannot substitute items on to your plan, nor remove them.
  • Parts covered by other warranties, plans or settlements. Anything which home contents cover usually provides, such as fire and flood damage protection, cannot be claimed.
  • Costs encountered as a result of the breakdown of your appliance. If you can’t use your washing machine or oven, you can’t claim back launderette and takeaway costs.
  • Any devices without an authentic CE mark. This includes any appliance imported from outside of the EU and not supplied by the manufacturer’s certified EU dealer.
  • Products outside of your home. They will only cover the appliances if they are situated within the address you gave on your application. Appliances taken out of the house or used in commercial businesses cannot be covered. You must also be the personal owner of any appliance included.
  • Any appliance over the age of 10 years. This countdown starts from the date of manufacture. If your item reaches this limit during the period of the policy, it will no longer be protected.
  • Any non-mechanical or non-electrical parts. This is any wiring, connectors, hoses or pipes, as well as glass panels, fuses, bulbs, LEDs, paintwork and exterior trim.
  • Parts damaged as a result of being dropped or misused. Any part which has suffered a breakdown due to incorrect routine servicing, neglect or misuse cannot be replaced.
  • Basic faults due to negligence. You have a duty of care to maintain your appliance. A cleaning service for blockages or residue build-up is not included. Any food debris, fluff, limescale or ice can’t be sorted out.
  • Any damage as a result of vandalism, theft or burglary. This is either harm to specific parts or the entire appliance.
  • Any damage caused by forces of nature. This includes severe weather such as lightning or wind.
  • Damage caused by any electrical surges. This includes problems with your gas/electrical supply.
  • Non-disclosures and false information. If you did not provide the correct information regarding the appliance when the policy was taken out, including model numbers or the age of your device, any claims could be disregarded under a non-disclosure ruling.
  • Any problems you have further aggravated by continued use. At the first sign that your home appliance is faulty, you should stop using it immediately. This can be a warning light, loud noise or leaking water or gas. Isolate the electrical or gas supply to the appliance as soon as possible.
  • Any delayed reports. File any faults which you think may be included under the terms of your plan as soon as possible. Failure to report them within seven days without good reason may mean any requests for repairs are rejected.
  • Taking action before a Repair Number is given. If you organise an independent engineer to be called after you have reported your fault, but before you are given a Repair Number, no fees can be met. This is because Warrantywise has not been able to investigate the problem thoroughly or inspect your item in the condition it was reported.
  • Liabilities/delays due to using your chosen engineer. You can arrange for your preferred engineer to be used after you have been given a Repair Number as opposed to any approved engineers who Warrantywise may recommend, but they will have to follow specific guidelines to keep your insurance policy relevant. If you then do not provide Warrantywise with required information within 30 days (such as the repairer’s VAT invoice or any other supporting documentation), your claim will become invalidated.

Am I Instantly Covered When I Take Out A Policy?

If you are renewing a current plan or extending a manufacturer’s guarantee with no gaps in your cover, protection will start from the day you take out your new certificate with Warrantywise. If it is a brand-new plan, the cover will begin after 30 days.

The plan start date will be outlined on the schedule and certificate you receive as confirmation.

How to Claim

To report a fault and issue a request, log your problem at www.warrantywise.co.uk/appliance-warranty or call the Repairs team on 0800 054 2171 within seven days. The office is open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. The helpline will offer methodical service assistance from a trained technician. Have your instruction manual to hand.

Any electrical or mechanical faults can be reported. If you are unsure as to whether it can be sorted under your particular plan, give the details and customer support can inform you.

They will deal with your request beyond this should you be unable to fix the problem, from contacting approved engineers to explaining the process to you and any extra charges you may have to pay. You can arrange for your own repairer to be appointed, but Warrantywise prefers if you use their approved team.

Should they then deem your appliance irreparable, a replacement can be arranged. The approved repairer will be paid the full amount of their fees, but Warrantywise will request that you pay the full 12 months’ cover upfront to arrange this if you are on a PAYG contract.

The replacement item will be supplied at the cost of your remaining repair limits and will be as near to the same specifications of your original appliance as possible.

The appliance may need to be taken away to be restored by an authorised repairer, but this transportation will be covered by Warrantywise.

Once a replacement has been fitted, no payments will be expected for 12 months. Payments will then recommence.

If you are using a pay-as-you-go monthly payment option and make a repair request, you may be required to pay the remainder of your 12-month cover price upfront before your application can be validated.

You will have to complete and return a repair authorisation form for any costs to be paid.

Contact Warrantywise

Beyond the claims process, if you are disappointed with any service or decisions you have received, you can email customerservices@warrantywise.co.uk or telephone 0800 054 2173. If you are still unhappy, Anthea Turner is the final arbiter, and you can email her directly on antheaturner@warrantywise.co.uk. Emails will be replied to within five days.

Cancelling Your Policy

Cancellations can be made within the first 30 days of taking the plan out (before the stated start date) at no charge to you, provided you haven’t placed a claim. Any payments made will be fully refunded.

Beyond this, you must write to or email Warrantywise at admin@appliancewarranty.co.uk, stating your plan reference and security password. The plan will be cancelled from the date the provider receives the request. No payments will be refunded.

If you are on a pay-as-you-go option (which all last for 12 months), after your third payment you can choose to change to a monthly renewing plan, make a single final payment to complete the sum for your following nine months of cover, or cancel your plan.

For the latter two options, you must email or write to Warrantywise after making your third payment but before you make your fourth. Otherwise, the payment will renew monthly.

Warrantywise Discount and Coupon Codes

There may be some voucher codes available online or through the Warrantywise mailing list if you sign up previous to taking out your policy. Have a look on the internet for any beforehand. When we find any new promo codes we’ll post them under the ‘offers’ section above.

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